2016-08-20-1Arcturus Services LLC provides global consulting services in electronics new product development for…

  • Companies involved in consumer, computing, communications, networking, industrial, transportation, white goods, home appliances, factory automation and other emerging markets
  • Investment banking and venture capitalists requiring advisory consulting in electronics development, supply and manufacturing
  • Electronics new venture market development in served markets
  • Semiconductor Company start-up and business strategy development

Arcturus Services LLC provides remote and on-premises consulting services on a global basis in all regions to support clients in…

  • Guidance and consultation in electronics to executive management for investment/venture capital groups
  • M&A needs in electronics development, operations and manufacturing capabilities
  • Defining and Implementing electronics strategies as new-business enabler/growth
    engine in traditional, ‘non-electronic’ companies
  • Design and start-up of electronics organizations; guidance for management transition
  • Electronics talent definition, acquisition and recruiting support/facilitation/staffing
  • Short-term, on-site executive management of electronics organization start-ups and